Invisible Illness

Great stuff from 1wisewoman

A Wise Woman Writes

Lets talk about partnership
I’d like to let you in on the taboo
Your house erupts in flames
And spreads around the world
Heat wave
Work for the mob
Just sit at home and practice
Call from the loud speaker of the patrol car
The entire audience will cry
Civic alliance and all
The modern world in not built for us
I’m not a puzzle, I’m a human
So how can I expect to fit in
Stimulate my brain
Over neuronal bridges
Hope they make the connection
The disappointment and embarrassment continues
This must be stopped
Something in the air made me feel like flying
Born too wild to be a whisper
Ever-seeping wound of intolerance
A tidal force to be reckoned with
Memory of an ancient battle
United into one kingdom
Stay informed and engaged
Stop to look fear in the face
In the spirit of adventure
Dig into…

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