Outside of Life

Aakriti Kuntal

Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

Outside the window, a water sparrow sings Rings of cobalt blue ink, ink as whirled legs, whirled sticks, umbrella pencil mouths tiny coagulated mouths of loneliness drinking a deluge of cyan light My hand pressed, detaining the thrumming night strings of turquoise seize the curtain, blindfold my eyes I am sound Outside the window, water sings, waves penetrating waves, waves holding waves, waves burning waves, waves killing waves I am a solid sound, cut into cubes, sliced boat on a sea palate,  splinters, splinters, I am a solid sound, splinters and splinters I am contained, I am all around Outside the falling membrane of lucid walls and lopsided doors,  life breathes, life sings,  life penetrating life, life holding life, life burning life, life killing life I expand these slingshot arms, cup the water sparrow, her belly like a cave of heated logs her feathers in my eyes,  my eyes drowning in…

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