Writing Prompt Challenge Submission: Breaking/OldePunk

This was a piece I wrote for Christine’s word prompt challenge

Brave & Reckless

Writing Prompt: “The horizon breaks to pieces and the mainline is the twilight”

The submissions for my writing prompt challenge were really innovative and interpreted the prompt in very different and very cool ways.  My guest judges and I plan on announcing a winner within the next ten days but in the meantime, please enjoy these interpretations.  I have included the links to their blogs below so you can enjoy more of their fabulous writing.

Canon of solitude pulls

Untoward to philander

The destination

And lo, thereby did the sky

Push away and gravitate, separate

Falling up and flying down

The earth did resign, main in line

The fear adjudicates the creation

A presumption

The notion that all motion

Did placate the reasons as

The horizon breaks

And the pieces are shooting stars.

The pure soul of twilight enfolds all

Not unlike the remembrance of

A mother’s womb

Supple in its softness


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