Was it the look in your eyes

before the goodbyes that took us

by surprise ’cause we knew they were lies

and I could read it in your skies

and hear it in your sighs

Because of the way

my insides felt


on the side

when I could feel you

I knew that

without doubt

what it was all about

under the spell you

sell to my cells

broken man reeling

ragged little puppet

twirling to the tune

on your lips

and the stories on your hips

I had the verve to 

swerve toward

your shelter, helter skelter

could not come to

terms with the idea

of me and you, I do

come unglued, blued and tattooed

wrestling like Samson

in the throes of the madness

that bears a little sadness

that shows and grows and no one knows

where it goes, but

I love it


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