Corona-Aakriti Kuntal/Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

Incredible imagery from the powerful poetess Aakriti Kuntal

Sudden Denouement Collective

I discovered you

in the absence of me

When the curtains lay in my mouth, cloth pleated into piles

of fecal matter, flowers and layers, layers of withdrawn day,

treading figurines of slate clouds

standing with a crowbar on my inflated neck

I lit up, gently first, my flesh reaping the colors from your smile

Our hours dispersed like a language on my stomach,

pools and spheres, spontaneous combustion

You carved rotations into the darkness beneath my breasts,

curling their defeated tenderness in your defeated arms

I came to you, like a lip does to a lip, under a circumstance

of unraveling gravity, a state of matter beyond all matter

It is amusing how we can carve worlds inside worlds, with mouths

at a task, mouths ignited, mouths entangled and engaged,

structures of agile perimeters

Mouths that have been burnt, that carry guns and grenadine stacked in

cavities, like humus for…

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