Loss is an Ocean

Moving poem from Christine Ray

Brave & Reckless

I stand on the shore

of an ocean named loss

where my eyes are always

drawn to the horizon

scanning encroaching fog

for the outlines

of those I have loved

of those I have lost

How many empty shapes

have been etched on my soul

like shadow

like negatives of photographs

from those who have been torn away

from this world

from my life

by the raging tides?


written in my blood

on the golden sands

in calligraphy



caging my heart

like delicate silver filigree

I am called to the sea

to sing their names

one by one

to the dawn tide

ancient shanties

of the women who have waited

women who know loss

like an element

a mineral

mixed in the marrow of their bones

I will sing steady and pure

refresh their memories

recall their meaning

for the rising sun

the fading moon

letting nothing be forgotten

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