Chorus in the silent sea

a life in teardrops

scintillating pain in the room

a trifle confection

of reflections

condescending triumph


a pale scar of night

unseen behind the blinds

I heard there was some truth there

shades of many kinds

forever beseeching me

Imploring new ground

burn away the glaring

stumble forward unbound

raven’s eye behind us

I fail

Starting a recollection of

substance and happenstance

purify our names from afar

All Hail the Shining Lords

brackish sensibilities

egocentric pathfinder

monolithic is your burden

dragging the death behind

desecrating all of our convictions

precipitous mass illusion

forecasting our demise

prophets crying out in rhymes

measuring your foot size

unbearable accounting

lingers on the tongue

as the passage of years

regain the field,  do not yield

Shameful triumph


a dark sliver of light

seen before the signs

I went and sought the truth there

and found it wasn’t mine


10 thoughts on “Bastion

  1. Beautiful. An old worldly feel to this one. reminded me of the old word often used bastion but also bastion the character in The Neverending Story. Those worlds you create are very real to me when I read them, you are good at that, many people cannot literally pluck an entirely new world from their mind.

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      1. Right? Did you read the book? I think it was translated from German. It was an excellent book. And that song, I mean I know it’s very eighties but I will probably be singing it for the rest of the day 😉 (your fault, ha ha!)

        Liked by 1 person

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