Disparate Convergence


I came in through the back door

Time spilling out of my mind

I was no longer you, nor you; me

And gone of course

Were three

lights no longer shown

No sign of what I’d known

As the earth shuddered

I heard her desperate groan

I searched fair night’s sky

with raven’s eye

To find nothing of my own

When I walked back out

Through the front door

I found myself upon sands of a different shore

You were me and I was you

There was only us two

Two moons and a sun

Had undone

What I had suspected

we could become

If we had not been


Of you and me,

I found no sign.

I left out the back door

Walking right into no one,

clocks chime same as before

time has become foreign.

I implore

do not ask for more

not for you, not for me, not for us


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