A Glimpse of Hope


Wretchedly pale, I draw a breath

grasping, crying, torn as Macbeth

the silver silence falls in the rain

ranting and raving I embrace the pain

the voices seem so far away

further now than yesterday

drifting upon silken wind

arrives the shadow of a friend

reach out to touch his soul

the staring eyes black as coal

throwing life out the door

shackled in chains as before

flowers, roses red as hearts

I cannot read it all, only in parts

angels sing golden words

with cloaks of white and wings of birds

visions shift in the pale light

tell me please, is it day or night?

confined in a cloudy thought

dreams shattered and jewels wrought

anything for another day

I suppose it cannot matter anyway

Am I waiting for the end

or hoping to watch it begin?

your embrace could wash away the sorrow

sailing upon seas of tomorrow

I will stay if you will have me

the two of us, “to be or not to be”

a life of love before us

or a tryst fading to dusk

clinging to your deified choices

 on either path I am incorporal voices

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