March Madness Top Ten: The Magic Quilt/Zelda Reville

Sudden Denouement Collective


take your hefty quilt
from the closet, the one
capable of arabesques,
arias and spinning obelisks –

the Mad Hatter
who sets the sundial
for tea at half-past five!

Watch the glittering dust
unfurl and powder your nose,

casting forgotten incantations
on brittle keyboards
which no one can play,

except for
toothy grimoires
that let nothing
escape their beady eyes!

Now, flip the quilt
the wrong side out,

and watch
the glorious purple
that flies straight
from the heavens,

and the bloodied reds
hastily scraped from
shields and swords
on the battlefields.

Sniff the
musky life-force
of everlasting wine,

from which
naiads drew
and pledged
their dizzying joy to…

if you smell this
spot over here –

you can discern
the faintest hint
of sandalwood

stained on this
illegally acquiesced
patch of velvet!

Now, open the quilt
and lay it on the floor;

and trace the tiny dots

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