Budding Roses


Ants on the carcass

of the world


frightened little monkys

Birthright privilege apace

around the fire on

the mountain

Timber ash in my

mind’s eye

Appropriate the resource

Collateral allegories

bullets fly like angry


A sound not unlike


Serenity confounded

contagion scars

Identify my place among the wreckage

a tattoo for the shepherd to see

Starlight smiles in a neon void

A shadow slips from the wall

and holds my hand

in the cold aftermath

Forsworn brotherhood of ancient


carrying the crown of exile

shameful reproach

alcohol-fueled Yuletide dances

Silver tulips and red promises

shudder under the yoke of your


You Have Forgotten Our Names

outside of time waiting

to get off at the next


Pondering superfluous truths

that unravel as we grasp them

We never recall what we lost, not fully

war for territory

peace for the brides

unlock the doors unkind

and walk inside

behind the curtain

footfalls echo

in severity

Unabridged association guarantee

I’m so sorry

you cannot follow me

Blinking back painful solutions

the vision recedes

a long line of ants crawl across

the body of the god who

fell trying to carry their weight

a wall of sound impeding

his recovery

Black things and budding roses

fell from the sky

deliver us into temptation, do not make us ask why

I went out searching for the meaning

but it had already passed on by

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