Part Of Me


It was all there for you

in everything I tried to do

the fits seemed to grow less

the together began to recess

Now you’ve gotten all you wanted

even our ghosts seem haunted

I envy them their ties

to all of our goodbyes

As I cannot recall the good times

only your vapid little crimes

I regret the day we met

just cannot kill your memory yet

Wishing all the wishes away

sometimes though, I wish you stayed

’cause you left with the part

the most important piece of my heart

It always seemed to be

the very best part of me

he was around when you were here

and stayed close when you were near

but when you decided not to stay

the best of me became the prey

All that’s left  of us

departed without a fuss

I fell apart, tried to repair my heart

I could not find it all nor see,

the part I was missing was me……






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