Jump In Here


You just can’t be

      wantin’, no

try to find danger

      before it finds me 

Everyone jumpin’ here

      running down backstreets

overturning ashtrays

      Not just 1 here take 3!

And everythin’ is movin’ son

      tattoo overdose roleplay

slammin’ all the back doors

      trippin’ on the fun

Everyone be jumpin’ now

      dance a jig around

your deathbed, cigarette

      God damn Instagram Snapchat pow!

Anyone can jump in here

     shakin’ our bones with moans

shadow juxtapose blacklight

     as the ends get near

And you jus’ can’t be 

     havin’ no

in the belly of the beast

     penny ante cheap slideshow

Everyone be jumpin’ here

     and just when you

think we done

     headkick straight ice got no fear

knock back

like its the last one

’cause everythin’ is jumpin’


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