Fools continue to deteriorate my will

Striving with every breath just to stay alive

fools consume with faces set and jaws slack

feeding only out of routine

fools see the things we should and with jaded happiness,

they can show us what is everything…..

or nothing

Secrets kept will blend into the plan

which has been promoted by a company

that only sells you monotony

Polaroid instant reflects shit you will only dream of

God sends his love to those of you who will not see it posted

on Facebook

Alone again and left with choices that simulate, provocate, elongate always bringing about a revolution that continuously strives to copy the acts of a drunk stumbling between the taverns that take pity on a shadow of a man who has forsworn his responsibilities for the love found at the bottom of the glass angel that waves from across the city street watching us all that have been into the silence of our own minds and have witnessed the arrival of the latest coffee shop thriving under the scrutiny of those who have been elected by a majority of your peers, glance, glance and stare

days filled with fools and their uncaring affairs


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