Oldepunk’s Theme Song of the Really Early Morning



cut my nails to the quick
But still i was caught with my hand in the till
Give me something
Give me anything
The threat of everything is when it becomes nothing at all
Fingers reaching, trophy swelling
That’s when desire trips me up
Got a new technique money let’s the pieces fit where they fall
Privilege – it sanctions everything
Security – a net under it all
My fingers reaching, the trophy swelling
That’s when desire trips me up
I cut my nails to the quick
But still I was caught with my hand in the till

9 thoughts on “Oldepunk’s Theme Song of the Really Early Morning

  1. I’m reminded of some commentary from “roger and me” michael moore’s opener – president reagan invites ’em to pizza…and someone walks off with the till anyways! – which isn’t the schmarm point moore makes but of that modern rot when opportunities migrate.

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      1. 🙂 -I don’t remember the moment but there was one when it was still real but all of a sudden moore was about as fake as a fender knock-off. as in nothing but an ennui – not the truth but only a point of view – a personality. making scandal where none was. necessarily. 😉 — which isn’t much different to me than rush limbaugh what salient ennui at least until howard stern salvation which also died when it became just the same recycled toilet paper. or a personal favorite of mine feeling called as in a religious thing only to be just as strongly called away…. entirely from that religion lol.~. as if I am forever to obcess and recover from the insanity of changing lives. like soaking up buddy rich only to turn on jerry reed…but buddy! country!!! 😉 *which mr rich disliked)

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      2. you may have to forgive my lack of depth for not having a direct connection to that line :D/riff. but at least i can agree with the sentiment! 😀 which reminds me of another personality- vincent price. and the “concept” album thing where all of a sudden it’s a fantasy built not in a line but a coordinated effort… or how mr reed is so very very put upon to eat his balogney after 2 shifts when he was rather a popular entertainment success leading quite a different life to that ennui yet such wasn’t his only hint at it being just that…ennui. persona. back alley craps judge was an old fishin buddy of mine.. I’ll pay you back that hundred you i owe ya if you get me out of this SPOT…0- days jerry…when you’re hot, you’re hot!

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      3. *by concept album i mean black sabaath’s tyr or blue oyster cult’s imaginos which is a touch of a jangler of a point if referencing reed who really didn’t do such a thing as do a big huge ol thing on a complete story just hints here and there of a similar theme- lucky and not so. notloud drum heavydrums on b.s.’s lawgiver an ode to odin if you will. — yes, from michael moore we meandr 😉 through reed and rich,through likes andhow it really wasn’t… I mean reed wasn’t a 2 shifts eatin balogney kind of life liver lol but a rather popular entertainer 😉 if memory serves 😀

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      4. He was a simple man with as quiet a life you can lead as a popular entertainer. Love me some Sabbath. Concept albums though you have to go with the Wall, Tommy. Right? Although one of personal favorites​is Fates warning No Exit.


      5. rock opera 😀 heh. it was rather interesting watching an old video cassete of randy rhodes on guitar lessons after no really suffering reading “the closers” ben gay the third- which still makes me see life in sales even if such isn’t MY particular thing nor MY life. I don’t think I’d fail to sell a kirby vaccuum or such lol but i didn’t make a living at piece mail listing at the national multilist selling leads and or adds i only got the one lol and you had to get two te get the “check’ lol rats!
        and speaking of quiet, I heard charles boyer the peppy lepew of real life lol was rather a boring turd who went home to read a few books instead of all the exciting movie star living lol


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