Diorama-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

Sudden Denouement Collective

i stepped into a diorama

walking through pellucid clouds

the air was tight

sky was shallow

voices, still, in static freefall

the light of day was overshadowed

jilted, lumbering eclipses

an atmosphere so stifling

like starfish lost in the sahara

fear had strung the leash that tethered me

to the abandoned mine

overhead were expectations

looming like the unseen eye

quietly, i moved below

like fetid water seeping

from a broken fridge at midnight

had i drawn their consciousness

my words would have become subverted

so it was, my tongue did stay

never would such thoughts again

beset my addled mind

returning to the ocean and the sand whence i arose

for i could not recall my name

every eve as death awaited

watching from a borrowed window

perched upon the impasse

of the broken wing of time

Max states: “I write about the things going on in my life. I…

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