Said Maiden to Angel


Jesuit sighs breathe laughter into the faces of those who refuse to smile when it will rain on our lives leaving a chill on the wind that carries some of the words that you said when you left after the fall of the night after a day together alone in which we spent time loving without fighting your mother or my father and all was given to us by hands that feared for their safety in the light of the fires that hazed their minds in the small dawn I watched you speak to the children of those who have gone before into the eyes of the world which is now blinded by the repercussions of actions dictated by those of us who had no right to make the decisions that left us vacant on the shores of despair that often creeps into my heart when I sit and stare at the painting that rested upon the far wall of my grandmother’s home close to the chair in which you sat during the years you gave to the finality resting upon your shoulder and stared at me as if it was my fault and I could not find the heart to tell you that I had been mortally wounded by the silence at the foot of your bed

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