Introducing Jessica Boyles: Exquisitely Numb

Brave & Reckless

It is my honor to introduce you to Poet Jessica Boyles.  I will be running a series of her poems over the nest few days.  Please welcome her warmly to Brave and Reckless and the WordPress Community.


I have been writing since I was a child with my first story, The Adventures of Flopsy and Mopsy Bear. Writing was a mechanism of escape and a free space where I maintained full control. These poems, from a collection I am working on titled Translations in Poetry, are raw glimpses of a dark inner world I am attempting to integrate with the external one I have been bodily inhabiting for thirty-nine years.    -Jessica

Pull away
Go missing
Find control
In emptiness
Lay quietly
Stare at the wall
Rest in the absence
A disappearance
A melting away
Stillness welcomes me
Into undemanding arms

I am a woman. I am…

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