One Long Glance pt. 1


Guard well your blasphemies

Sanskrit tablet redwood sin

miracles of pain force reckoning

entry not permitted

one minute year’s provocation

startling exclusion

the epitome of your fears

the hands are a fearsome weapon


power clues the source of

megalopolis toppled by disrepair

morphine visions open streams

opal colored stone cold

as her touch

what are we saying to

each other?

the center of everything

a power rising

all gather to the strength

not caring whether or not

it can hold

weak bastards, aren’t we?

the black boots stitched with malevolence

thirsting for blood

whatever vessel it comes in

Become vengeance in heartbeats

foolish gods offspring

a product of both worlds

climb the ladder to heaven

if you dare

lose your mind in the feat(de)

you age 1000 years in the instant

a child is taken

in liquid sleep a dream shifted

into the dawn of yesterday

chaotic morbid dance of chatter

we speak of it no more

hate is a harsh master

perhaps love more so

Bear Tyrfing with pride

much like a soldier

your weapon will eventually

be your end

incredibly ironic is this life

morose convictions

that laughter still echoes

in our caverns

rest where the dok-alfar dwell

bask in your glory

though it has no use

everyone else does

action intended on big screen

wall of dead flesh screaming

at the sores on the face

of the bitch that sulks in

the corner with shivering eyes

and hunger twisted mouth ready

to regurgitate the ideals of past

and the doctrines of tomorrow

as if it where her right

lapsing int a dull throb that beats

like the heart of a dying deer

and fades like the wash of headlights

into the night engulfed

by the inky blackness

We make Big medicine

pain is a painful concept

yes that is redundant

pain is an empty concept

when compared to their actions

mass alleviation of your common sense

Father always said if common sense was common

everyone would possess it

life is a tradeable commodity

the king of the wasted in leather and chains

riding the coming storm of the

bullet seeking homes in your brains

they’re hungry little devils

light up my life

green tracer flashes

moving shades of velvet rain

bright in contrast to the

dried blood

concise definition

massive destruction prelude

this death will not be quiet

patron feeble-minded by decency

firsthand knowledge of a secondhand hindsight

sign of turmoil endless a plea for prosperity

indiscernible reasons exhibit the gallery of nonreligious

temporal presence virtual lassitude psychology

ministries of false love and true hate

necropolis of millions will be the new playground

experimental emotions overwhelmed by frustrations

preponderant leader

3rd world country

revival of a nationality

accomplish a goal with shaded hand

martyrdom election

elegant words which masque

the quiet lies and half-truths

that will never be realized

galvanize the population

prepare for another massacre

us or them does not matter in the end

10 thoughts on “One Long Glance pt. 1

  1. My thought at the end of this was, “Well, that pretty much sums everything up, doesn’t it?”

    You are gifted at painting the absurdity, cruelty and madness of the word in words, leaving them dripping like blood on the screen

    On more frivolous note, I particularly loved: “the black boots stitched with malevolence/thirsting for blood”

    Liked by 3 people

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