One Long Glance, pt. 2


phosphorous lamplight shine

consider seven evils

and entertain their appeal

factors of production

our reservations are the expectations

code of ethics useless, it’s not in the handbook

hear the laughter of the damned

does it summon you?

that was the dream of ages

senseless in every way

torment containment complete

filtration of our words

life is burning away

one little fact at a time

hard to handle a shocked expression

comes like a storm, unexpected

we would tell you what we think

but of course they would not understand

recourse women in misery

if they had their way

suicide for regicide for deicide

to decide

escapism, mayhem compatible

recharge charges taxation

power black boxes

that repeat every word

heard on liquid televisions

shackled secrets weird voices murmur

just pay it no mind and perhaps

it will go away

just don’t feed it!

dark room antic springs

flood the world with

polluted colors and black ice

no hope for you sinner

take the gun and enter

repeat the verse twice, abstract killings

abstractly killing surreal feelings

close the stained eyes to hide the tainted surprise

false vision is expensive, yet required

to operate by law

mainstream societies of cemented minds

plethora of shades awash the matte skies

signify the want of the new order

Everything is just so fucking

perfect.  Do you not agree?

mellow and somber, I wish to see your pain

show me the wound, put in dirty fingers

and let it heal, melancholic choleric

devotion control for most men but not all

listen to my words:

Your credit isn’t accepted here

how dare you play us in a

no-win situation

service is not state of the heart

but state of the art

is our mistreatment, the grin is malicious

fog lamps awash the backdrop

revealing the eyes in hiding

the night of the naked goddess

head lowered in shame standing

by stagnant lake soft sobbing

tears caress the surface

the ripples carry the mourning unto

the day

just forge another part of the machine

keep the system rolling

please do not be yourself, we need

your full cooperation!

Things must run smoothly

or we’ll have to get rough

in this life we offer two benefits

work and death

the rain is black and the sky is white

the driver looks to the heavens

thinks to himself, “is all as it should be?”

just before he drives down the mountain side

baptized by a gasoline aria

and so will end our civilization

hurtling headlong into oblivion

a storm of chaos and small matters

that sweep away nothing

and everything

not even birth shall remain

when the sun is gone cold

funny how death has become so monotonous

Antipathy in the know, no?

we are superior visions

scream retaliation mutilate the blood

pouring from the clouds in fits and throes

a real life shit show


congregations of thoughts and principles

often lead to anointed causes

thinking a concept lost on most tod….

I lost my train of stuff

who tweeted what? whoa!

do you cry when they start another war?

isn’t it amusing how well we work together

when we are all trying to kill a common enemy?

we never get along quite so well in peacetime

encompass morning schedule landscape

empty miles and gas station calories

toil aimlessly beautiful

you have to be willing to find what you

need even when you don’t know what that may be

Confusing parables

disciples of the white horse sleep

a monopoly on suffering

reaching across the vastness

living is so hard to do

people strive everyday in living daylight

yet never seem to learn to get it right

outside a keen light plays

starting to awaken those

who are unborn, silence grasps

at the signs of nothing

the rain is cold and so are our minds

when we get where we are going

we realize we are full of regret

there are a million ways

to get what you want

but only one of them works

surrender to the animosity

that sticks to your boots

we are what they fear

moonlight swipes dusky

religion from our starving morals

shudder at the sight


feed the children with heart’s blood

let them not be of bent will

help them learn

to make their own plans by

their own hands

one long glance at the past

should make the look of the future

a little scary

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