Away Then

Incredibly powerful poem from 1Wise

A Wise Woman Writes


Then, the day to day

All I could do was go


Fear clouded memory

Duck and cover

Mind fucked like

A ravenous lover

Leaving me helpless


On the floor

A sobbing heap

My truth

Should be a lie

Just let me be free

The shape of fear

The shape of me

Hollowed eyes

Skeletal remains

Unknown depth of violence

The cage that kept me

Isn’t enough to protect me

The ones who are stronger

Yell louder

Throw harder

Stay away better

They mattered

I could be that


I was tough, a “tomboy”


I couldn’t be that at home

Among the ghosts

Of a catacomb

Never touched by sun

Taking out my rage on anyone

Except those who deserved it

That’s how it works, right?

Find the weak, the helpless, the slight

And let them have it

Reign down on the innocent

It’s easy



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