Small Returns


There’s a little something

that can be said for leaving

it becomes harder on the return

For tears on the face

signify the fear’s place

the ones awaiting the love

now missing

it seems you can find a little pain

in everything

the search is not helping

the call goes unanswered

what is it to be happy?

that elusive beast remains to be seen

perhaps I need a song

or sleep

I cut myself again

I bleed you, or

I need you

perhaps, though I cannot heed you

I am not a prophet, or

as of yet the angel has not appeared to say

I hope to see you again

with winter kisses and moonstones

in the land of the sun

where springtime always holds sway

I found a little pain in something

when I threw your picture away.


34 thoughts on “Small Returns

      1. You deserve the praise, and it’s heartfelt, trust me on that. That is way too kind of you to say. As far as the human being part, I am working it and this community is my new family and I strive to do right by each and every member. It is not only therapeutic, I feel like I am actually making a difference and being of service to others. I don’t know what I would do without so many of you wonderful people in my life. I don’t post all the different things because it’s fun all the time ya know lol. I am hellbent on doing what I can to make a difference in this world after 51 years of wasting my gift of life. I’ll shut up now.

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      1. Thank you so much for saying! I was just there visiting a friend, and I fell in love with it. The people are incredible too, so much kindness and beauty in most of my interactions, it was incredibly refreshing. I couldn’t not honour it somehow. But perhaps you’ve been there or from there and know what I mean 🙂

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      2. I agree! We went to an open mic night at the small Oak Creek brewery, not only was the talent amazing, but the dynamic was fantastic from such a variety of people and backgrounds. Will never forget it.

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      3. Kick ass. I’m a food junkie, and I was a chef professionally. I used to make business trips out that way, and vendors would send us out for tastings and such. So much fun. If I get back out there again I will be sure and look it up

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  1. I somehow feel like anything I write at this point will seem trite or anticlimactic. Truly lovely.

    Felt like Alice falling backwards through the lines: “I cut myself again/I bleed you, or/
    I need you/perhaps, though I cannot heed you/I am not a prophet, or/as of yet the angel has not appeared to say/I hope to see you again/with winter kisses and moonstones” Something breathtaking/resonant/etched in my heart there

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