Lithium Heads

SK and Minecraft

S. K. Nicholas


Was supposed to write something that would make you want me. Something that upon reading would force you onto your back with your fingers in at the knuckle searching for clues to our origins while attempting to call out my name. I got sidetracked by Minecraft, though. I’ve built this town by the coast, you see, but the animals keep jumping into the rivers I’ve built, so I spent the entire evening putting up fences to stop them messing with my shit. Not very impressive, is it? And it didn’t even fucking work. So I failed on both counts. The animals just jumped over the fences, and the whole place has lost its sense of charm. It appears unkempt and without morals. It’s just disastrous. Oh well, failure is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, failure is vital. It’s much more important than success. Still, I had high hopes that…

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