Alien Truth



mocking wind

snapping bone

earthshaking eyes

death on her lips

reverent supple divine

barking laughter as

realizations split skulls

like hammer-blows

lost wisdom for I

recalcitrant feline kings


clouded orbs become languid

agoraphobic when alone at home

fearing the away and gone

to Avalon

inspiring the beginning of an ending

or the ending of the beginning

sentient and alive seeking

to find the intangibles of truth

worry at the trust

with teeth






one thing two

mirror frowning but

I do not understand its image

there is a small silence

and I sleep in your tears

I cannot kneel for you though

it pains me not to heel

to give and take

take and give

stand up my son

hear my word:

There are no miracles, but

the touch of God is in everything.


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