AuBurn Blue

Auburn Blue

perihelion found

permanence postscript

devious deviations

demented dalliances deliver

dead drop doldrums

cut angel sized holes

into the firing range

bleed black brevity into

the mouth of home

keystone melting into the hour

solace on the diamond

stealing 3rd and no throw

will get you out

spout about shouting

no one has any idea

what is going to happen

Formaldehyde lemon candies

succulent and sweet

sever syrupy dissemination

auburn blue bruises on

the lip and the hip

callous caustic caresses

leaving fire in tresses

disable the disbelief

with summertime shine

and mayhem for Goldilocks

Brown bear tears put

tears in eyes

and almond flavored

murder makes a great cake

in the wake of the fallowed

forensics and forgotten

faces of the nevermores

ghost recon lab rats

postulate in parentheses

armored with ambiguity

aversion of authenticity

find the binds

that keep

and heap up on

the trendy feed(oh boy!)

feeding fat fuckers

their own tallow

on hallowed ground

sound reverberates with

the cheating stones of

low boys in rough

leathers and dog tags

green gas garbage

geneflucts Godlike

shadows into the

howling hospice

of overthrown


Smiling skull selling

some sense of proportion

it’s not cheap

and takes you deep

into the suicidal daydreams

of the divine

and the left behind

Shaman chanting goosebumps

on the turtle shell holding

the universe and in

terse dialect explains

the tessellation triumphantly

decorating the pool of abysmal

action and cold dog

satisfaction of the mortis shape

of the souls of the takers

outback and out-of-bounds

prey for the hounds of silence

pour another bleaker ale

into a beaker and Bunsen

burn the soot that covers

your mind, permeating

all of the fucking time

dig down in the underneath

and look for the crime in

rhymes of the apocalypse

with those auburn blue lips



image courtesy of Google and Natalie Paquette


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