truth in my name

dicere veritas

10 tonne gravitas

far gone conclusion

of living stone

atone the son

and scrape the bone

the DNA is a matching set

inset eyes blind to time

breaking the corners

where is your sacrifice?

intone the words I claim

vivet veritatem

In nomine patris

I failed him, my father

but I cannot lament

former action


I am becoming candor

I bathe in verity

dixi veritas

1 megaton gravitas

follow me down to the water

I will baptize you holier

than you can live with

The bleeding will commence

but I promise, you will find

what I have come to know

vivet veritatem

if it does not break you

You Will Be Free

Libertus Sum

Vincit omnia veritas





Image courtesy of Google and Pinterest





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