Hell, I didn’t think it would hurt anyone


Twisting nine inch nail caustic pain

shearing across the oasis of angels

Knives employed in sporting events

breaking all assumptions and

leaving them raging confined

Terminal velocity collection agency

outside the timeline

ostracize your families with urgency

crystalline blue-steel bullshit

still stinks even when presented in prettier packaging

Sadistic pampered harlots take your dollars

and line out the pleasures 24/7/365

all on your palm, lap it up

all promises are hate filled lies in the course of local diatribe

kissing the crowned messianic athletes

I’ll rape you on our next date, see you in court, don’t be late

The mountains simmer in mute anger

they wish to crumble your malignant beauty

the earth shakes again; we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto

let’s all drown in the river of waste

and then have a debate about the taste

Your mother was poisoned today

and the doctor wasn’t sorry about it

after all, she paid retail value

so sway to the tunes on the radio and think

to find the small truth in something that was written so long ago and far away that seems to be missing would feel like the sultry salt-sweat flavored kiss under the red sun of Eden

forever to be nothing and have everything

something was forgotten i believe it was important

but fuck-all if I know what it might have been

resignation sets in like a blade in flesh

piercing sudden and unwanted

so bleed all over everything, I’m cut anyway

paint it all in the colours of my life

thick sweet crimson like a fine red

leave it all and cry boo,

for lack of something better to do

and then maybe I won’t feel so dead



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