The silence blankets thought

and interrupts fragile sanity

fear comes so very abrupt

tasting of wine and passion

a fire licks the cardinal directions

feeling the saviour’s fleeting smile

alive and crawling across the floor

beaten into submission by

the craven unbelievers

seething at the fact that the fathers continue to correspond and accept the diatribe printed upon the macabre visions that can be found in today’s diary entry

Frightened by the sounds of the ongoing murder of the tip-toe ballet and the tribal beat of drums echo far down alleys into the tea room

Cleave logic through agile movements of forked tongue, tainted with conniving fallacies which bespeak of revolutions and useless business meetings that allow the hands to be taken as memories fade into the night’s black heart

the phoenix song collides with hope sundering in cinders the tropes that bind today through open noose fraying around the neck

ashes to ashes, wrote in passage

a  psalm for the reborn

10 thoughts on “pHOENIX cOLLISION

  1. We must rise above the demanding. Some would like us to believe that conformity is the answer to faith and that questioning or having a different view needs to be held in question. ( My next poem?? Thanks for the inspiration1)

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