I’m followed by a shadow called danger

it smiles occasionally

the grin is disfigured and frightening

to the unlearned, almost beautiful

in the smile is a joke with no humor

and little patience

the joke is a twisted, morbid affair with

little humor and undeniable hunger

knowledge of the instruments of ire

very useful in thought and deed

severed voices combine on the wire

combustion impact oranges blossom

add another scar to my life

gangrene rehabilitation

blood of the fruit flows in floral vintages thick and sweet

tainted white with a twist of shameless passion

Mercy hospital plays heart-strings

a mournful sound

a tangled skein of broken thread

becomes cloak for my soul

fragile spaghetti western town

a wooden eggshell

face upon face upon face

masques of deceit and despair

Viking retributions in modern-day life

calling on your contributions

alive, yet not

you and your ways

slave to master despised yet obeyed

fear is your captor

we all go to church and listen to the preacher

but no one hears, it’s just a social call

Malicious inquisition for the fourth wall

lobotomy for my restitution

an amoral sense of conclusion

smiles kill me dead

repeat the sanctions that have been requested

on my life I have sworn

a puppet on strings, waiting

please guide me, i am a drone

useless without someone to manipulate

my sense of right and wrong

nuclear winters in my mind

eating away at this iron conformity

corrosion is my sight

rusted peace is all I see

weakened by the appetites of folly

everywhere, the smiles follow me

visible sins in twilight

deified by choice

crucify another saviour to martyr

listen to the dog’s voice

illegitimate actions in my wake

transcending your every breath

forced love upon a grave

I live at your behest

we will die by my lovely hand

in control of it all

I am no one special

but you’re caught in my thrall

smile for me child

smile wide and deep

now lay you down to sleep

pray the Lord your soul to keep

when you die before you wake

you should have considered

what was at stake

fear the grin of the shadow

that follows me

fear the fears that smile

can you not see?

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