Black Sheep(sex)


Jerk my pull-string blowtorch

and aim at the moon

set my feet in the amber

caucasian flair of the neverminding

the festering treatise

that causes blood in my eyes to dry

cereal-soggy, cloudy and hazy

you begin to unload your poignant

advice on the barely breathing cipher

who does not speak English

welcome to the sunshine sister

buy back what you stole

and then maybe I can consider

the option of listening to reason

Although there is a little secret I can sell you….

reason rarely says a fuckin’ word

and so you’re bored with the board

lazy red summer time

away from the rat race

I sit mining ineptitudes

with nothing left to do

or say

so here we sit staring mutely

at what was once a sweet serenade

I still think there is some way

to laugh about it

allowing the excess some downtime

all forever

just for today



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