Conversationally Speaking


Fear is so real when on your knees

the black voice of your mental affliction


a softer corruption’s race against time

power immaculate and strangely sinister

tonight rinse the touch

rot is contagious, inner pain

contagion of strength borne by walking saviour

eyes staring dead with blank visions

of lust

princess sleeps her dream

actuality slips under spell

comfort taken from 4 pounds of steel

murder dancing into your world

if you would like to die

here is the lesson plan:  it’s so easy

just one simple step

Why can love not be as elementary?

face coloured whetstone

teardrop sandstorm

minutes are hours and never is it all good

green earthen fires rip the pages of your story

to shatter truth leaving only the beginning

crystal splinters piercing skull

tides of pestilence flooding mind

worth of the leper subsiding

pleasure found without meat for the predators

greed is prevalent in wine of lifesblood

fills the cup of hearth and home

taste the nectar if you dare

curse the damned thrice over

people with coin think they can

treat everything like shit

because they glitter like diamonds

not all can be bought, appraisal priceless

death by a million whispers

your wealth will not save you when

upset balance of peace

war with the winds and rain

tears find pale cheeks

unwilled they come

sorrow on drugs

reality must be the most depressing part of life

when you come to know

salvation cannot be purchased

with your fool’s gold

18 thoughts on “Conversationally Speaking

  1. Was thinking today how mental health has been ‘reduced’ to parody and more needs to be shared of the actual meat of how it feels to live with say, anxiety or depression. Some will say, focus only on the positive. I disagree. It is easy to write about beautiful things. It is easy to like beautiful things. It is harder to write about harder things and harder still to read about harder things, we all want to feel happy and well but the reality is, many suffer in silence, and the more we know of their experience the more we can grow in empathy and care and make the world a little less difficult to exist in. Poems like this help – a lot. They help those who understand that feeling, to feel a little less alone.

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    1. thank you Candice. I totally agree, mental health, and I include addiction in this, still carries taboo even in today’s society. I hope that what I write conveys how those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression feel, and that it is an equal opportunity killer. It can get anyone, any where, from any walk of life.
      You know, it’s funny you should say, because I don’t think I can write about beautiful things! I’ve tried before and it all turns out awful!

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  2. Hi!
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  3. You spoke to me with this poem.

    I relate so much to this – that I am going through a low depression as of late.
    It’s still hard and I try to be strong. I think you know what I am talking about.

    I love everything about this poem and you spoke to my heart and I listen to every emotion you poured into your work. Much respect to you my friend. 🙂

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    1. thanks so much Charlie. I understand where you are. Life is hard enough without being at war with yourself. Artist’s curse, the touch of madness, yeah? Be well and thank you. As always I deeply appreciate your support my friend.

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