Intrepid ignorance

biodegradable nonsense

Ingrained to hateful hands

battering basalt sands

core assembly faults

encore retaliatory assaults

sniper’s incision

on television

hunters that wish to be caught

sinister haute´ ideals

skin begins to peel

clouding my horizon

seismic economic attrition

sell your soul

to fill your bow

your bodies to clean and feed your young

invisible even when you are among

under other lovers’ covers

they find themselves begin to smother

recycle septic disease

all to appease

the ugly broken machine

still you are unclean

as things regress to the mean

we feel all the feelings feel so obscene

lost when you fought

losing all you bought

back to the point

tearing at the joint

I’m so very afraid

they’ve poisoned the Kool-Aid

but the thirst continues to grow

even with those who know

many sordid affairs

all locked in there

I can no longer share

nor find anyone to care….


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