Noplace Like Home



No place like home

upon the lakes of dawn

the winds feel like life

the smells of hearth and lawn


A clandestine kiss

revelation’s forthright song

a decision far-reaching

an attempt to right wrong


There’s no place like home

fear tingles my fingertips

tears like ponds in the sunshine

of my eyes

with home there is no leaving

but a warm place for goodbyes


I failed to look down

the roads I’ve boldly tread

a stride borne of pride

grasping the small moments

 a difficult craft to master

for one such as I


There is no place like home, you see

the handsome times of old

the youthful courage once possessed

burned down walls so I could roam


I feel the smiles

and whispered emotions

the children who are of me

nostalgia clings to everything

occupies my current eternity


the rains eventually will cease

we will not suffer loss

nor bear anger

We follow the way known at birth

from before and after


Recite the tales of blood and love

with bread and butter and honeycomb

home is where our hearts

are most often broken

and there is no place like home


11 thoughts on “Noplace Like Home

      1. will you forgive me being a smart-bottom and asking which flavor fifth? I have a youtube going on the manufacture of the thirties era princess royal class steam locomotive so as i know of nothing quite so british as a fifth of something scrumpy, would that be a fifth of some somerset apple cider? a lil of that kingston black? for the studyi of kettle iron? a steam train is but a kettle 😀 shall we call it black? it’s an easy search – steam train manufacture a black and white picture of a set of train wheels. sixteen minutes ish long. it isn’t up because i’m as steamy as you think for sexy steam punk tech – but something i found on sand casting iron/steel. i wanted to know more about cast iron pans and found that and later found the moder grills of get wet in our suburban fantasies back yard with our grills? well, i’ll likely never afford half that stuff but i can spend twice as much making one? 😉 it’s kinda like a curse that- to truly wish to discover is a trip down the aisle never on sale. it’s called discovery.

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