under the life

I used to know

where the wind blows

pushing on your soul

cannot turn back

the hands of time

digging to find

what was once mine

disgrace cares not

for what you begot

cast the dice and

wait for your lot

pillars of salt and sand

the false labors of your hands

crumble as you swim against

undertow in which you stand


13 thoughts on “undertow

  1. I’m reading this thinking pan fried lies. how where we are on the bank or a quarter mile in still casting, or in a late afternoon boat basking then twilight ‘s bank again awaiting fresher lies seems kinder – not suck further away into our lives. but that’s just me awaiting lies, pan fried.

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      1. I can’t remember if i rewrote that England Dan and John Ford Coley tune, Love Is The Answer as Bacon is the Answer or not… but we seem to drift some from your brilliance so again, thanks for the thought, the scene. and pardon me for the ramble out to sea.

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  2. Sounds just like the world today. I say that because, the world is eating up/believing each other’s lies. For example, Hillary Clinton should be in prison because of the evil against the law acts that she has done. one of those is her deleted emails, an other that you people do not know is that she is Satanic. She goes once a month to a Satanic ritual, where they do many evil things like/similar being cannibalistic. Do not believe me, go and watch the news of the past (from the very beginning to the very end of the news of the candidates who are now are being voted to be president in 2016). TIP: InfoWars


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