Would you care to take a look

You are safe as long as your sighs

do not touch the lives already in progress

Feed the watchmen and encourage them not to go

Calculating the feeling we should have felt

when everything decided to leave

A city of tears, we are the elected officials

How far can you run from a part of you?

Show me a way to be free and then we will cease to be dangerous

Limply grasp my hand and pretend that you know me

A small black and white crown sits in the drive

I’m unable to decipher the reality of tv

mad minds full

seven silent watchers in the hall, breath spared

only for breathing

hungry for dominance

but colors are blind to the places where old friends meet

Golden gangrene dawn afar

sway to summertime

Insure our assurance to ensure the censure

4x4x4x2 what to do

when you know who won with mental kung fu

Aside inside our sides hurt

cancerous laughing ivory trade

Import the court for sport to deport

we don’t give you anywhere to run

R2D2 Disney Star Wars fever dream

make enough cream to steam for the cappuccinos

of the Starbucks Horde

We are stored, bored, Lord, cut the cord

on the digital diamond ice forming on the hearts and minds of the people

that I can see all around me

Raving, behaving for the saving of the enslaving a caving in

of the modern world

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