Serial killer calm

a mark few bear

misanthrope guide to hell

more and more, the deeper dive

sea-green vase holds nothing

Hate is a kind of peace

Peace is a kind of bait

need to relieve the mind

a back strained by burden

borrowed middle age

snatches of conversation

uninterpret the secret

horror commonplace factor

PhoBia is god

War is a chess-game

for kerosene shadows and shopping malls

earthen throat will swallow the bodies

not to be forgotten

they will park blackstone on your head

Should not remember the past

courage in desert pains

invisible walls under holy sun

light Mecca or Jerusalem

who’s to say?

crusade while Korea slept

blind idiot fumbling

wretched devious ploy

to incarcerate the actor

and swing shut the cellar

bring someone to study

probing mindless to die

if not to live

writings lost in the storms

the answers ravaged by floods

an explicative directed at the mother

lurid sex-nation vehicle

ambiguous speaking fools

no point to make other than

to make a point

paved dirt path to glass

wilderness of the cold hearts

steel haven towers

behemoths of construction

their machines work both ways

generic ideas repetitive

unity of involvement

the joke’s on you

agitate the seas

spilling black blood from

blasphemous wounds

Gutter child live in ruin

bathe in cess for less

shameful but


starve for the knowledge

bargain basement problems

daughter disgrace wealth banishment

“to the streets”

hook, shuck, and jive

for $9.95

so much trash to burn

or bury

worthless animalistic thoughts

nihilistic wind-swept courts

suffer the masses (laughter)

collective discussion discourage

consider the alternatives honey

“Here is the money, we want her gone”

black cloaked hidden face roundabout

issues cast down and out

public environmental nonsense

the “in” thing

but don’t worry too much

it’s a myth

caring an abstract art

regulate the consumer thinking

turn us ever more inward

continue the process with

option to buy

damage adequate air quality

accidental poisoning of small children

contrast with the bonnies

the shaking hands out back

“never will happen again”

taking steps to ensure

you won’t remember.

no sleep for you

there are no friends

everyone betrays everyone

in varying degrees


solution to problems today

9mm answers

primary function of life:anger

siphon emotions into the nothing

forgetfulness is in the water

self interview of forgiveness

an individual address

relational independence morality

beg for means to live

tremendously effective fires

wire hop-scotch white rock burns

sifting silt and sand and razor-thin wind

blast a round into bone

generations still being dealt with

overload neurosis burn-out

straw-sucking life

the marrow rots inside

diseased discourse massacre

come unto the earth

come to claim



come all

come and witness

our lovely fall

34 thoughts on “Manuscript

  1. Uhm, dude wtf! My mind can’t function at such a high level lol. This is tremendous on too many levels. Your mind is surreal man, like completely dispossessed of stupidity. I’d love to be a vein in your cerebral cortex. Well fucking done sir, well damn done. I’m breaking my pen now

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I am breathless and a little exhausted reading that. I forget that I always read your poetry out loud to myself, the love the cadences so much. I feel you covered our entire history as a country as a world and our current political situation in these words. I can feel the hum of your brain, your urgency when you wrote this. I simply want to say that I am not worthy.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Truly just saying exactly how it makes me feel and think. The best part of turning 50 is not giving an f*ck more about social niceties and just getting real. This excites me makes my blood hum. You are a damn fine writer and I feel very blessed to work with you and call your friend. ❤

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  3. Wow. Your brain processes exquisite thought at a rate faster than my own applied comprehension. It’s fucking amazing to behold! What I particularly find enthralling about your writing is the layered depth of inference that unfolds in new and intriguing ways upon each and every read-through. Such delicate complexity is a rarity in and of itself but you somehow manage to take it beyond the realm of obscurity into obscene afflictions to the conscious mind that demand a multitude of revisitation to quell the chaos unleashed by the intricacies exuding from your expression. When expression is such that the meanings contained within cannot be comprehended all at once it transcends the mind into new landscapes of comprehension and possibility. What it reveals to me is a mind of uncharted dimensions. I will be rereading this piece for some time to come. Thank you, Olde Punk. for sharing your uniquely intricate vision.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Max. That may be one the most flattering compliments I’ve ever received. It means even more coming from such a deep and intelligent man such as yourself. Cannot express how grateful I am. It’s funny I feel the same way about much of your work. You truly honor me my friend.


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