The Sun Still Does Shine (excerpt from Magpie in August)

Excerpt from my lovely friend Kindra M. Austin’s book, Magpie in August! I am, pulling into the resort, and I can’t remember passing a single landmark these last two miles. Mom hasn’t spoken at all since leaving the city beach. At least I didn’t hear her say anything.

No, she’s just been smoking, riding along, and losing time of her own; wandering her corridors. She’s found another dark place to hang about. I know because she’s crying again, though dry and silent.

Coming here is a challenge for her, too. I don’t acknowledge that fact nearly enough.

“I’ll go get our key.” I’m not going to wait for her to answer. Let her be alone in the quiet car to sweat, if that’s what she wants to do.

The passing storm has taken most of the humidity, but not the heat. August has quickly recovered. The swimming pool is full of noisy bodies, and so is the lake, stretching impossibly wide…

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5 thoughts on “The Sun Still Does Shine (excerpt from Magpie in August)

  1. You are so kind! Thank you for reblogging this. I wrote this novel for everyone out there who lives with mental illness; who have suffered grief beyond measure; for every warrior; for those warriors in waiting. This truly means a lot to me. Thank you, brother. ❤

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