It extends on either side

5 miles long pushing

away for a time in the blink of an eye

Score and Analyze the process behind our minds

on the price of the cream left behind when

we were drowning

Around a sound in the sun

deep origin

break through fun

concave iconoclasts monitor our lines

to please themselves

“Let me tell you about my experience”

Sitting in the throws of a crossfade download

tiny angry birds in little boxes

fit just right

Say, man where is my meal ticket?

Was chewing nails at the bus stop and tripped on a wormhole

awoke 3 days later on a table getting a tattoo

Of You

primrose prima belladonna

Shining wide open

the blood in the veins of her eyes


Where are your pupils teacher??

How do you feel now son?

Ballistic approach confines the initial action

Blue and green butterflies so vibrant

flitting in all directions

payback tenfold in silence, and it feels

so real

the beat on my mind

Its all-consuming resonance, stop dime replay

do you fucking get it??

Gardens of hopes wilting on vines at midday

put away the arts and crafts little boys

play time is over

you have arrived at your final destination

You are the last to cross the threshold

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