complacency confounded

meticulously fragile

ambassador speaking incant

rave over innocence

theme of restitution

kill and kill again

scheme of empires distraught

leader of the people

enact for the common good

can this be, is this true?

once upon a time

I knew you

battered wife crying shame

living in liquid sorrow

fervently praying for

one more tomorrow

screaming trees whisper radiant

sketched to sweet perfection

monster of mind dwelling in

the finale of fanatics

a change of heart

different seasons

stigmata degenerate

Cyclopean cities

rantings lurid and divine

screaming unholy matrimony

blood flows, fully intertwine

Cthulu searches, restless

reaching out in voidless mastery

metaphysical truths

disguised as tales of heroin noir chic

macabre dance cultist weave

black on black on two against one

forever dead and not in death

sowing seeds of discord

African vision quests

highway of corrugated iron ivory

the diamond road paved by suffering

pale overcast

unnatural symmetry

a feeling of woe

a kind of fear

the shadow fictions

electronic thief slipping through 5 dimensions

old and unspeakable

activists active in brutal activity

Eastern robots eating emails

singular purposes unforgotten

just shuffled down the list

impotently work the priorities

mortal flesh-wound inflicts

raining corruption

acidic, acerbic

tiger-like pounce

upon the sound

a force of habit, simply delayed

etch a sketch the drawings of the show

tidal revisals underscore our shadow

drawing on drawings in the sand

drawn in by our own hands

15 thoughts on “Drawings

      1. Thanks Oldepunk. I’m far from a great headspace, but infinitely better than I was a month ago. Appreciate the well wishes, I’m always excited when I jump on and I get a chance to read your work. Really has an amazingly Klein association feel to it that I can really empathize with. You’ve got an amazing talent.

        Liked by 1 person

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