Wisted Winds

Max Meunier, master wordsmith

Max or Not

autumn softly falls
with dusky arms
along the sprawling desert

steady shadows
stretch across drab mountains

beneath undulous lunar fleece

at last

the valley undisturbed
lay brushed with slow umber

the tow of our loss

now a blustering aria

riding on the wisted winds
of change

may never we furnish
to fill

giant then
as we have become


in this tawdry place

no plea for purpose

born as we are
to belong

bare witnesses
witless to bear

through journeys long
we rediscover
was e’er in our hands

from our faltering fingertips

to see us
as ever we are

of uncharted stars

our hearts surpassing
time’s distortion

to again

[image credit: Edvard Munch]

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8 thoughts on “Wisted Winds

      1. Adnama is my name in reverse. I discovered it on a rainy day in my early teens and thought it would make an awesome name for a Vampire.

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