Petal – Olde Punk

My latest on Sudden Denouement

Sudden Denouement Collective

the scent of the dogwood

petals drifting to soft bed

their crimson reminders

stark on white

I remember the sound as my town lies dying

the fall out of midnight as Mr. Sunshine

banks and curves, He’s the nightmare

stuff that frightens King and Cave

wide ass smile with one deep dimple

dark eyes of a shark in frenzy

He has a red right hand and a left one blue

a long mile coming and a breath or two

his need for an event horizon

is strong indeed

Infecting the populace, stirring the dead

teasing with masochism and candies

those young in the head

Mr. Sunshine likes to devour the foundations

and watch it all fall from the absence

Burning dogwood screams against

the hate and malevolence as our town

lays dying

No work, no hope, no direction, no community

just anger and abuse and the needle and the juice

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5 thoughts on “Petal – Olde Punk

  1. Congrats on this up.
    – the chordettes turned tickets… with mr sandman gone mr sunshine… –

    Mr sunshine, what is your scheme?
    Shed blight or bring our everything
    As if it’s some eternal natural order
    To bake oceans to heavens yet leave dry this corner
    Sunshine, toss us a bone!
    A puffy cloud not with screaming cone
    Geez! Turn off this tragic scene
    Mr. Sunshine, don’t be so mean.

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