To-Do – Georgia Park

Sudden Denouement Collective

To-Do – Georgia Park

Forget your insecurities about those scars, everything looks good in the dark.

Don’t hold your breath until you turn purple. Throwing fits like this can make your boyfriend feel blue. He doesn’t deserve to.

Don’t blush or show a red hot temper with acquaintances. They are probably not bad people and anyways, it’s not like they can eat you.

Eat more fruit! Buy strawberries and oranges. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can find a recipe for some sort of fruit stew. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

If an acquaintance turns out to be evil, it’s ok to be a little yellow bellied. Run for the hills! But before embracing cowardice, let them prove it to you. Forget your preconceptions.

Don’t eat sweets. Freak out and eat too many sweets. Turn green. Feel sick enough that you try to reverse time. Fail miserably.

Eat more veggies! Eggplants are…

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