College days and predefined norms

collage of days with storms

the bull with one horn

tattooed in all of your misgivings

and scorn

born with a thorn in the side

personal vendetta of pride

ships will sail out

in comes the tide

worship at the altar

the last place to hide

the saints of yesteryear

greeting all with cheer

faces frozen in grimaces

of fear

threshing the chaff in the field

to stop, go or yield?

which implement would you wield

a sword, a spear or a shield?

when you sacrifice faith of self

how can there be trust left

for anyone else

all of these words we say

will fade, fade, fade away

returning to the dust

upon which they are written

once the apple is bitten

we bid adieu to paradise

maybe it was worth the price

cannot stay in one place

always running another race

to get where we think we belong

upon arrival you realize it’s all wrong

just another face in the throng

find you aren’t that strong

but i will wait for as long as it takes…



be long


image courtesy of Audrey Tautou and Pinterest




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