Why It Goes This Way

Why It Goes

standing together we stand apart

You spoke last but I fell at the start

I see you

you can see me


this fragility

invalid, pallid

I move to speak

cast down and out

somehow impenetrable

the air that surrounds us

I know we have begun

the ending of our love

I’m not sure how to say

you will always be a part of me

I am who I am due to you

but what we had has faded

from view

candid heartbeat of the after

you pinching the bridge of your nose

time drifts on solar winds

winding the clock to our close

I am being ripped apart

and pieced together again

the strain of your iris

speaking the tongues of goodbye

a shroud lays upon the casket of love

I recall that both of us dressed in black

that day

a scar on the history of our souls

lessons of how to love

and the understanding that ours

was not to last

I will celebrate the anniversary

the day that you fell away

I listen to the music of a passing train

I can see the beauty of your lips

the last kiss of our eternity

I still miss you

and I hope you remember

the song of our memory

perhaps in another life

we got it right,

at least I like to feel that way

I do know I still love you

and know why you could not


image courtesy of Pinterest

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