May Be

may be

driving through the olden

ways of youth

the fields are no longer cotton

but sunflowers as tall as corn

the same places the slaves

used to toil are now filled

with migrant workers,

who may soon be free

I wonder how long it will

take them to find their footing

the slaves are still stumbling,

overshadowed by Walter White

how long before the dreamers

dreams die too, run over by progress

just like the dog on the shoulder

if I didn’t feel nothing,

I would not feel at all

yellowed pages of a dusty Bible

the tremors of motes dance

in sunlight, stirred by the breath

of the ghost of what was

I laid it rest long ago

but still she follows me

the marrow of the story

carries the weight.

I am not ready to tell you


Maybe some day

I will,

if I may be.

image courtesy of Pinterest

11 thoughts on “May Be

    1. Thanks very much Max. Hopefully you are taking care of yourself. Great to hear from you. I’m always seeking to provide emotion, so I’m happy to hear it worked!🙏


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