constantly bleeding wounds-revised


the summer is cruel

my mouth is a wound

that constantly bleeds

winter comes as my solace

I remembered us once again

on that beach in Virginia

there left only a yellow rose

our story came too close

a closing of hollows

my face stitched together

Raggedy Andy doll

pitched, tarred and feathered

left in black, out back

a canteen of bourbon

brackish water mixers

I find there is only so far

one can run, one can hold

one can carry, one…..has.

Bright lights and big city

seem to dull senses

leave us lolling in shade

afraid of each other

rakish truth is stalking

you will not meet her gaze.

This is killing us just the same.

spell out our names

in sawdust and charcoal

feed this finality and

have done.

we both deserve better

than half-life of dărâma

forgive or forget

let me in or let me out.

image courtesy of and Pinterest

16 thoughts on “constantly bleeding wounds-revised

  1. You have strummed my pain with your keystrokes on this one, good sir.

    ‘Let me in, or let me out’

    This has been my world, my hell, my experience. If our art is to have meaning – in the minds and hearts of others, then you’ve certainly succeeded here.

    Liked by 1 person

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