OP’s TSotD-Slothrust

Some men purchase real dolls
To fill the void
She don’t finish dinner
And her expression never changes
Don’t shake hands with the lonely kids
Cause I hear that shit’s contagious

Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah

Animals in my bed, animals in my bed
Animals in the street
I like cats, do you like cats
Of course you do you sassy motherfucker

My stomach hurts, does your stomach hurt
Do our stomaches hurt together
I feel pain, do you feel pain
Will this pain last forever?

Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah

I don’t think the flavor packet
Makes it taste much different
You said that you knew who you were
But I did not know what you meant

Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah

I’m a devil, you’re a devil
We’re all devils, Mary
You love Satan but you don’t know her
And sometimes she gets scary

Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah

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