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Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

#napowrimo #Day15 Prompt: Dramatic monologue

You, round swirling face
with distant eyes.
Come with me.
Let’s elope.
I don’t know. ( Sneering)
there. There. There. There where the lavender
bud is branching. Look!
This lapse of time.
Take it in your teeth. Hold it on your tongue.
Revolve the tongue like it holds a piece of paan.
There, yes. You almost have it.
Interlock this memory.
Let’s jump!
Yes, here we are. This is the rim of Saturn.
You can’t see it. It’s just gases you think.
Neon and mehendi green, glowing.
Oh, how they are glowing!
You can’t see it. No worries.
They don’t exist
Twirl, I say.
There, do you see it?
Yes, you see nothing.
Look carefully though.
There, the rim!
It’s the horizon of our universe.
No, it’s not the end of the universe!
It’s merely the horizon.
Don’t you…

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