Hope, resignation

hope, resignation

you ignited famine, unintentional or not.  We’re starving.  That masochistic flair you dearly love to wear finds us indebted.  We are caught somewhere betwixt hope…..resignation.  whose crucifixion is fair  I DON”T CARE  meek resolution and dirty dish water hands.  Your labia doesn’t speak anymore.  I may have Tourette’s of the soul.  There was a dream where my chest was fire and I was choking as something was crawling up the back of my throat.  I vomited a cancerous snake, dying.  It had two heads and our eyes.  I cannot for the life of me understand what it meant. My otherface, the dead one, he understands prophecy perfectly.  Hope…..resignation.  I’m unsure if we’re sand or snow but I know you can drown in either.   I listened to Billy Eilish sing I love you about 20 times in a row and cried silently(as usual) until I could swallow again.  I hate this fucking afterlife.  Where is the new heaven?  Probably overpriced in the Mediterranean. Maybe I move to Finland, I hear they are the happiest folks on Earth.  Well, except for the first timers hitting the needle.  Afterwards, you chase the dragon forever.  It will never ever never never ever be what it was before.

Life burns. sometimes you have to walk through fire to find the ocean.

Hope……resignation.  dragons dream of other dimensions. I dream of snakes and prophecy……..and you.



image courtesy of Pinterest and takudeath.tumblr.com


20 thoughts on “Hope, resignation

  1. I’m unsure if we’re sand or snow but I know you can drown in either: very well said!

    Where is the new heaven? Probably overpriced in the Mediterranean.: Definitely overpriced in the Mediterranean!

    What a piece of writing, Oldepunk. You did it again.

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    1. Jonathan, I don’t know what to say other than thank you. This is utterly fabulous; I am deeply honored and touched. You took my words and created a performance. I’m mostly speechless. This was quite a gift. Thank you again. Cheers bruv.

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