OPTSotD-Fontaines D.C.

Ahhh None can pull the passion loose from youths ungrateful hands As it stands, I’m about to make a lot of money Gold harps in the pan None can revolution lead with selfish needs aside As I cried, I’m about to make a lot of money Gold harps on the side Is it too real for ya? Is it too real for ya? Is it too real for ya? Is it too real? The winter evening settles down The bruised & beat up open sky, six o’clock The city in its final dress And now a gusty shower wraps the … Continue reading OPTSotD-Fontaines D.C.

popular populist mythos

when does it happen? shouting staccato limericks at passing cabs twirl fingers in the earth load up a Dillinger plan hoping to shoot the breeze she just blew on by horns in coat pockets cocktails shaken, then stirred rebellion in high heels 18 wheels to nowhere keep on truckin’ make-believe kills from exposure hard-bitten nuances nod off reservation, energy conservation gambling and liquor two by four funding clues on dirty floors computer tablet tableau tool paint another portrait changing frames and names upright lounge rule state fools fight for air paying $5 per water laugh at laissez-faire even in their … Continue reading popular populist mythos

Hope, resignation

you ignited famine, unintentional or not.  We’re starving.  That masochistic flair you dearly love to wear finds us indebted.  We are caught somewhere betwixt hope…..resignation.  whose crucifixion is fair  I DON”T CARE  meek resolution and dirty dish water hands.  Your labia doesn’t speak anymore.  I may have Tourette’s of the soul.  There was a dream where my chest was fire and I was choking as something was crawling up the back of my throat.  I vomited a cancerous snake, dying.  It had two heads and our eyes.  I cannot for the life of me understand what it meant. My otherface, … Continue reading Hope, resignation


fetching, impetious impetus for wine horizons bless’ed or become prey infectious, intelligence it doesn’t matter what you’ve got on you can claim me imperious, impervious scrape back the foam Turkish coffee grit showing in smiles all around blue filter-light integral to this scorn that adorns features of a rag-a-bone man playing take me home on his gramophone I watch you shift, cloudless pleased to be pleasing all the lush bastard boys hanging out on patios Camels and Coors…. I laugh about your arrogance sigh reverence satin speak crawls into the nape of my neck I shudder, chills, delight where will … Continue reading where?

the light dims

there is bend in permanence silver, although not monotone multilateral shades battle gray, platinum impossible black starlight found in pace,  forming forage in the noise for silence indefinite, yet definitive of the quiet place my hand upon absence, there to find roaring so loud sound is stillness oblivion, rebirth found in the eye of elder god extinguished.   image courtesy of Google and Katie Bouman!!             Continue reading the light dims

the light

The light, end of the tunnel Blinded me I stumbled Fell, fell tidings tell Mouth full of earth Written worm rot Spell my namesake temples pounding in temple a prayer, yet not in faith ready to anoint; award assail, scour, our blood is young far may ye roam fall into eye of God there, to live forever reality bending, rainbows vomiting to devour innumerable rise, rise again I stand to stay may that light come no closer. one always is first one must know, zero nothing ever lasts.     Continue reading the light